Long Term Care Professionals
Here are links to two articles, available on, that I wrote for Long Term Care Magazine.

  • Building Professionalism and Customer-Service in the nursing home setting. When I was working in the Dietary Department of a North Dakota nursing home, I was incensed by some of the Dietary aides' attitudes and actions that I witnessed while working with them. I felt that just correcting the actions was not enough, I had to make some kind of statement that would address the issues and I was hoping that the article would make a difference in at least a few homes in North Dakota. I was surprised and gratified to learn that the article caused a stir which encouraged more participation in customer-service related seminars throughout the state. Indeed, I was asked to present two short seminars on the subject for departments in the home where I was employed. You can get that here.

  • Coping with Mortality in the nursing home setting. This article gives suggestions for the medical professional who works with residents and may form close friendships with them. Losing a friend, in whatever setting, can be a traumatic experience. Sometimes, as professionals, we are confused about our feelings, how we should express them, whether we should express them while working. Also suggested are things that the facility can do to help the nursing staff adjust when loss occurs. You can find that here.

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