New Ideas!

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When the Lord is in it, nothing can stop it. I was a little worried that I would not be able to take the generic idea for a story in the previous post and make it faith-based, however, I have faith that He will help me. I am getting more ideas as to content and symbolism. It is entitled "Buddy the Bird-dog and the Tree Kitty." Praise the Lord for His help and input!!


Hey, I have a great idea for a new book but not sure how to go about writing it as a christian story. I don't want to be heavy handed about putting God or Jesus into it. I was thinking that maybe it would grow out of it naturally if I just waited on the Lord for His input. He's good at that you know, if I just listen and be patient He will give me some ideas.

The story is about a puppy and a squirrel. The puppy is happily chewing on his bone under a tree when the squirrel starts chattering at him to get away from his tree. The puppy moves under another tree, but the squirrel does the same thing. The squirrel thinks it's his tree again. Any one have any ideas as to how I can bring a Christian theme into the story?

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